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Quality Assurance

In line with Eisai’s General Policy on Product Quality (i.e. “The quality of every single tablet, capsule and ampoule that we produce is integral to the life of the patient”), Eisai China, Inc. is committed to ensuring that only high quality products come out of its Suzhou factory. To this end, all manufacturing operations in the plant are carried out in accordance with GMP. Our Quality Assurance people make sure that all necessary and required procedures are undertaken to ensure the identity and purity of Eisai products. As part of the overall Quality Assurance system, the Suzhou factory undergoes regular inspection and audit conducted by our parent company and/or regulatory authorities. We continually endeavor to manufacture and supply good quality pharmaceutical products that patients and customers can trust.

Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Filing System

In-Process Control

GMP Training for Staff

Visual Inspection for Finished Products

Quality Analysis

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